Visual and Digital Communication for scientists seeking to communicate their

work in a clear, open and effective way.

Effectively communicating the progress of your research is not only essential for the development and dissemination of knowledge, but also to improve your positioning as a researcher within and outside academia.

Have you thought about how to make your research more visible and accesible?

Your work as a scientist is essential to improve the world we live in. My job is to help you communicate science in an open, understandable and engaging way, to reach further and have a greater impact on society.

By introducing visual communication techniques, complex knowledge can be transmitted in a more attractive, attention-grabbing and, above all, easy-to-understand way, adapting the message to different audiences and media.

But what's the point if the knowledge doesn't get towhere it's needed?

Increasing your digital presence will help you to make your work more visible, to get where you want to go, and to allow greater accessibility to scientific knowledge, breaking down the barriers between scientific institutions and society.

Scientific Visual Digital Communication

This is what I can do for you


& Digital content

Increase the dissemination of your research project and make it more accessible. The world wants to know about it.

Map design & GIS

Stand out in your publications with professional maps that give context to your data and communicate your results effectively.

Data Visualization

Present your data with eye-catching graphics that capture attention, eliminate clutter and tell a story.

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All of this is specifically designed to help communicate the work of

Scientists, Researchers and Academics
Research Groups
Research and Outreach Projects

Hi! my name is Jorgelina ...

… and I am the person behind SCIENCEdotCOM.

I have a PhD in Biology and have been involved in research for more than 15 years, specializing in Landscape Ecology, GIS and Spatial Analysis. 

A few years ago I started learning about digital marketing, graphic and web design, because I realized that these tools, which are so useful for companies and entrepreneurs, also have a great potential to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, helping researchers and scientists to advance their work and improve their reputation.

That is why I want to apply everything I have learned to help scientists and researchers to make visible the work they do with so much effort and passion, which is often not well known enough or valued.

Wondering how I can help you too?

I would love to hear from you!

Tell me what your project is about and what is your goal, together we will find the best way to enhance the impact of your work.

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