Increase the impact and visibility of your scientific production or academic activity by generating an effective digital footprint.

Through web and digital content design you can take your knowledge further and make it accessible to those who need it.

You can also communicate your science in a more open, direct and enjoyable way, while improving your reputation and positioning as a scientist.

Digital presence for Scientists

Design of customised websitesfor


Ideal to have your academic information in one place and share your ideas without barriers.


Designed to communicate the objectives, progress and results of your research or outreach project.


For research centers and groups that want to have a greater presence inside and outside of academia.

Design ofDigital Content

To effectively transmit complex technical or scientific knowledge it is essential to adapt the message to the different audiences you want to reach, and the different digital media.

But don’t worry, I can help you with that!

I will take care of design and optimize your images, graphics, figures, maps, etc, to publish on the web and social media. You won’t have to deal with editing to achieve the right format and quality for proper publication. If you need it, I can also help you design and automate your publication calendar.

What people are saying...

Lia Montti, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher CONICET, Argentina.
Working with Jorgelina on the design of my webCV and other work (e.g. mapping and infographics) was very easy and enjoyable. Conveying scientific research results and promoting our skills is not always an easy task. Even, we do not always find the time to do it and we can fail in the message to give, but also in applications and grant requests. Jorgelina knew how to grasp this need, that like me, many researchers, students and professors have, proposing me to move forward in a generous and creative way to achieve greater visibility and increase the chances of success. From the first day I was motivated to explore new tools and think of different solutions. Without a doubt I recommend 100% to work with SCIENCEdotCOM because Jorgelina represents responsibility and professionalism, but she also easily understands our needs and creatively manages to transform our failures and mistakes obtaining the best version of any challenge we present to her. From day one Jorgelina will always be a key member of your team!

Why should I take care of your digital strategy?

I studied biology and dedicated myself to research because I love learning new things, researching and discovering the world around me. Today I work to make ideas and new knowledge more accessible and easily understood, bringing them closer to society. And I found in digital marketing and web design the tools I needed to achieve it. I firmly believe that having the right tools is a big step to achieving our goals, and many times we have them at our fingertips and we don’t know it or we don’t see their potential.

Now my desire is to help Scientists and Researchers so that their work and the knowledge they generate transcend inside and outside the academic field.

I would love to hear from you!

Tell me what your project is about and what is your goal, together we will find the best way to enhance the impact of your work.

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