Make an effective presentation of your data

Displays information from complex data tables and graphs in an orderly, practical and understandable way.

By presenting your data in a more visual and effective way you can:

… this is possible through the use of visual elements and a strategic organization of information.

Data visualization

How can you present your data ?

Visualization of qualitative and quantitative data

Design of graphs, tables, charts, diagrams, etc. Achieve an orderly, practical and visually appealing presentation of data.

Figures for publications

Design and adaptation to editorial standards for scientific articles, theses and divulgation material.

Disegn and layout

of infographics, graphical abstracts, mind maps, posters for congresses, etc.


Allows the recording of ideas with the use of illustrations, symbols and texts, based on the Visual Thinking methodology. A simple and fun way to capture, analyze and communicate ideas, facilitating the transmission of complex concepts.

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