Design & GIS

Presenting your data into maps allows to give context, facilitate its understanding and analysis, and reveal new insights.

Do you want to make the leap and stand out in your publications with professional maps?

Map Design & GIS

Design and layout of scientific and technical cartography, as well as, outreach material.

What kind of maps do I make?

Visualization of geostatistical data

Representation of statistical data on maps for a better understanding and analysis.

Digital Cartography

Design of thematic maps. Presentation of qualitative & quantitative spatial data.

Maps for publications

Layout of articles, theses, reports. Adaptation to the editorial standards of scientific journals.

Illustrated maps

Map design for outreach material like infographics, posters, presentations, social media, etc.

Spatial analysis, GIS and Remote Sensing

Do you have a research project and need help with the processing, management and presentation of spatial data?

Remote sensing for land use mapping

Analysis and classification of satellite images to obtain land cover maps and land use change analysis.

Mapping of environmental and socio-economic variables

Collection, processing and analysis of spatial databases. Field data representation.

Research project consulting

Support from the planning and drafting phase of projects in the environmental area, to their final development and publication.

Why choose me to bring your maps to life?

I am passionate about maps and spatial data. Throughout my career I have been trained in the use of spatial analysis tools and methods to apply them in environmental studies. I have participated in different research projects and provided support to researchers in the treatment of their spatial data.

In addition to the technical precision that these data require, I give them that touch of design to look professional and stylish.

I would love to hear from you!

Tell me what your project is about and what is your goal, together we will find the best way to enhance the impact of your work.

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